About us

About ourselves

The Chairman of the Senate of Economy, Dieter Härthe, founded the first German Senate of Economy as long ago as 1997. With the foundation of the Senate in the federal association for economic development and foreign trade (BWA) and the foundation of the Senate of the economy in Germany and Austria, it was the first time that enterprises and leaders of economy, science and society had come together successfully to give political advice for the common good.

The Senate of Economy revives the old and, likewise, modern idea of the Senate in ancient times: There were always great and recognised personalities associated with it. The Senate is a competent advisor, without any unilateral determination on certain interests. The variety of the senators’ experiences and talents are offered to the best decision-makers in politics and society.

Our members are ambassadors of the Senate of Economy. Through their membership, they contribute to effectuate the aims of the Senate with respect to decision-makers in the fields of politics, economics, culture and media. The consequent regard of society rules is the foundation of our responsible behaviour and an integral part of the Senate Compliance Philosophy.

We hereby promote an eco-social market economy at national and international levels.


The Senate of Economy works according to the fundamental principle of John F. Kennedy: „Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country!“

Thus, continual and faithful dialogue with political decision makers in parliaments and governments is more important than ever nowadays. Our policies require the practical know-how of enterprises and leaders from the world of economics and from other social sectors. To that end, the Senate of Economy wishes to make a significant contribution: We combine politics, economy and society without monolithic lobbying, thereby constructing a global think-tank.

Membership in the Senate

Our members think in terms of solutions and bring about a lively and responsible Senate of Economy – even in their individual regions.

They combine to develop practical proposals and concepts for the funding of the local and international economy and society.

Our members are especially characterised by social and ethical skills, but also by economic competency. They are highly involved in a nationwide and also international Senate. Our primary feature is „quality over quantity“.

The list of Senate members is accessible for all members in the restricted member section.

The Senate associates leading personalities in the fields of economics, science, media and culture as well as representatives from politics, diplomacy and public life. The task of the Senate is the insertion of knowledge and experience from these areas. In particular, they are responsible for the realisation of the aims of the association and represent the Senate of Economy to the public. In conjunction with the Scientific Council, they form the think-tank of the Senate and develop sustainable solutions to support the national and international economy. They contribute to informing and consulting decision-makers in politics and administrations at national, European and international levels.

The success of our work depends on the active contribution of a chosen circle of committed personalities from all areas of the economy and society, who feel obliged to their business location and who participate actively in the Senate.


The Senate of Economy does not pursue any particular interests, but it feels expressly obligated to the public good. It considers itself as a think-tank of the future that unifies both lateral and forward thinkers, as well as admonishers and conservatives, which can draw on an unusually high potential of knowledge, experience and esteem of his members. The skills of its members are bunched in commissions by the Senate, wherein solutions based on the public good are developed and form a contribution to political life.